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"Spring Cleaning" Parasite Cleanse

One 60 min appt + unlimited text/emails + supplements/nutrition guide

  • 1 hour
  • 250 US dollars
  • Phone or Zoom

Service Description

Spring has sprung and it's officially time to... PARASITE CLEANSE! How do you know if you have a parasite? Signs of Parasites: - Headaches - Chronic fatigue - Thyroid dysfunction - Skin issues: acne, psoriasis, eczema, rashes - Allergies - Weight loss resistance/weight gain - Food sensitivities - Connective tissue/joint pain - Insomnia, waking between 1-4a - Teeth grinding - Brain fog - Anxiety, irritability, anger, depression - GI issues: gas/bloating/constipation/diarrhea - Nutrient deficiencies (B12, zinc, iron, fat soluble vitamins: A,D,E,K) - Anal itching I NEVER recommend a parasite cleanse without making sure drainage organs are supported prior to and during a protocol. As parasites die-off they release toxins (heavy metals, mycotoxins, EDC’s, bacterial endotoxins, etc). When bile flow is stagnant, the colon gets clogged, the liver becomes overburdened, and the lymphatic system gets congested- toxins begin to recirculate throughout the body creating a cascade of inflammation. This is why proper drainage and binding is key to parasite cleansing. So how do we move these critters out? We clean up the terrain of our gut using herbs, supplementation, targeted nutrition and supporting drainage organs.  I have a “Spring Cleaning” special going on from now until 4/26 which includes:  🌱 1:1 email/text support all month long 🌱 One 60 min zoom session 🌱 Herbal supplements (Apex Energetics) 🌱 Drainage supplements  🌱 Binders  🌱 Nutrition guides  Total cost for 1:1 support: $250 Total cost for supplements: $220 (without tax) The offer to book will expire end of day on 4/26. This is a two week cleanse. TO BOOK...PLEASE PURCHASE here. When prompted for a date, choose a date for our 60 minute zoom session that works with your schedule. All supplements are on Fullscript. Once you book, I will send you an email from Fullscript with the cleanse details. Happy Spring! 🌱 Jenna

Cancellation Policy

Cancelation policy for services is 24 hours in advance or full payment or session deduction will be charged. All packages, courses and programs are final sale (including but not limited to RESTORE, RENEW, and GROW).

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